Saturday, July 10, 2010

Day 2 Is As Far As We Go

Wow, that was fast. Clear favorite in a hand, and the other guy just got lucky. So, we are done for this year's event. Thanks for following. We'll be back next year!
Six levels down, and still in it. Level 6 saw no cards come, yet managed to hang on to his chips. He has not seen a pair all day! The blinds go up significantly in Level 7, so this will likely be the make or break round. I fully expect to hear an endless stream of 'all-in call' from the tables. If Mike is one of them, i'm sure it will work to his advantage and put us back into the green!

This event is fascinating...the people, the emotions. As people get further in, the mood gets more serious. There are more and more calls for a floor man (the tournament referees) to tables, to settle disputes amongst the players. Just before the break, i saw one where a guy checked, then bet, and claimed he never did check. The whole table saw him check. He wanted a floor ruling. It took nearly 5 minutes, which is a large delay in the game, and the consideration of two floor men, before the ruling was made, and he had to take his bet back.

Level 7 is starting.....let the games begin.....

It's nearing the end of level 6. There are 27 minutes left. I don't know who it his. but someone of interest was just visiting mike's table. The ESPN crew showed up. I hope this picture came out so you can see it!

Day 2 about to start. Mike is at Table 77 this time, looks like seat 3? They have announced that players are to open their chip bags and setup their stacks. At the completion of Day 1, each player gets a sealing plastic bag into which they put their chips and then write their name and the amount on the outside of the bag. They use this information to post the ending day chip counts, and since there is no validation of the number the player writes, i guess the day's end chip counts could be a bit "wrong". Of course, it does not matter what is written on the bag - all that matters is what is in the bag! We the spectators are not allowed in yet, so i have no sense of what his table is like, or what my view is going to be like. I'm going to go around to the side door and see if i can get in.....

It's Day 2

Seven thirty a.m and already starting to feel the energy of Day 2 of play. Play today starts at noon with about 2713 players. These are the players that made it through Day 1B and Day 1D. (Yesterday, the ~2700 players of Day 1A and Day 1C played and ~1300 of those folks held on to move on to Day 3.) Mike has $19,100 in chips, which starts him just in the yellow (see the M-Factor page) against the field average of $39,000 chips. The chip leaders have well over $100,000 chips. Let's hope one of them is not on his new table!

Found this great article on the tournament - filled with all kinds of fun facts. Check is out:

This morning will be spent having some breakfast, going for a light run, and focusing, focusing, focusing!

Tweeting starts at noon....

Friday, July 9, 2010

We went to the world famous Gold & Silver pawn shop of Pawn Stars!! There was a line to get in but it moved quickly. W e saw Rick!

We're Going To Day 2!

What a grueling Day 1! But, Mike played solid poker and the reward is getting to move on to Day 2. Day 1 ended with $19300 in chips. Play resumes at noon on Saturday, with the second hour of level 5. It will be a new table and new players.

Tomorrow is a day off. We have BIG plans! We are going to go and visit the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop - yep! the store that is the star of Pawn Stars, that show on cable. How cool is that!

I'm sure we will also be playing a fair amount of live poker. Actually, we have to - in order to get this incredibly good room rate, you need to play something like 4 hours of poker a day. Um... that's hard to do.

Do come back on Saturday, when coverage of Mike's 2010 WSOP Adventure continues!