Wednesday, July 7, 2010

btw - i set Mike up with a twitter account. It might be too distracting, but if he can, he may tweet every once in a while himself tomorrow! You can follow him on twitter: MikeZuke

The radio people are saying there are a total of 4800 people so far, across the Day 1a 1b 1c of play. They are predicting the total will go to 7000. Only tomorrow will tell for sure!

(radio show broadcast)

It's noon local time. Jet lag is real-i feel like it's midnight. Up since 6:00 am,i'm ready to call it a day! This morning was hectic-setting up the blog, talking with my dad, refiguring out how to tweet, figuring out how to connect to the web from the Rio, watching Mike in the satellite. Yea, my life is so hard. Its all calm now.

I'm sitting outside the main poker room, jotting down these thoughts. It's quiet out in the hallways. Right next to me a table is set up and they are broadcasting a live radio show called Poker Road. The radio guys are interviewing (more like chitchatting) with Gavin Smith & Joe Seaboc (spelling?). These guys are claiming they are going to take some time off poker-yea, right!

Mike had a tough satellite-no cards, no pots won at all. Finally busted out in the last hand of level 3 with A-K against 2-2. After, he was positive in attitude! He feels he played well, stayed in control and remained patient. Those are definitely the key attributes for tomorrow.