Saturday, July 10, 2010

It's Day 2

Seven thirty a.m and already starting to feel the energy of Day 2 of play. Play today starts at noon with about 2713 players. These are the players that made it through Day 1B and Day 1D. (Yesterday, the ~2700 players of Day 1A and Day 1C played and ~1300 of those folks held on to move on to Day 3.) Mike has $19,100 in chips, which starts him just in the yellow (see the M-Factor page) against the field average of $39,000 chips. The chip leaders have well over $100,000 chips. Let's hope one of them is not on his new table!

Found this great article on the tournament - filled with all kinds of fun facts. Check is out:

This morning will be spent having some breakfast, going for a light run, and focusing, focusing, focusing!

Tweeting starts at noon....

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