Saturday, July 10, 2010

Six levels down, and still in it. Level 6 saw no cards come, yet managed to hang on to his chips. He has not seen a pair all day! The blinds go up significantly in Level 7, so this will likely be the make or break round. I fully expect to hear an endless stream of 'all-in call' from the tables. If Mike is one of them, i'm sure it will work to his advantage and put us back into the green!

This event is fascinating...the people, the emotions. As people get further in, the mood gets more serious. There are more and more calls for a floor man (the tournament referees) to tables, to settle disputes amongst the players. Just before the break, i saw one where a guy checked, then bet, and claimed he never did check. The whole table saw him check. He wanted a floor ruling. It took nearly 5 minutes, which is a large delay in the game, and the consideration of two floor men, before the ruling was made, and he had to take his bet back.

Level 7 is starting.....let the games begin.....

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