Friday, July 9, 2010

We're Going To Day 2!

What a grueling Day 1! But, Mike played solid poker and the reward is getting to move on to Day 2. Day 1 ended with $19300 in chips. Play resumes at noon on Saturday, with the second hour of level 5. It will be a new table and new players.

Tomorrow is a day off. We have BIG plans! We are going to go and visit the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop - yep! the store that is the star of Pawn Stars, that show on cable. How cool is that!

I'm sure we will also be playing a fair amount of live poker. Actually, we have to - in order to get this incredibly good room rate, you need to play something like 4 hours of poker a day. Um... that's hard to do.

Do come back on Saturday, when coverage of Mike's 2010 WSOP Adventure continues!

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