Thursday, July 8, 2010

It's 10:45 out here in Sin City and Mike has now completed 4 levels of play, with a chip stack still in the green! What a level! Doubled up on an all-in of A-K against called by 9-9 and an Ace hit the flop - how nice i that? The cost of a round goes up quite a bit in Level 5. Ante is $50 and the big blind is $400 with a small blind of $200.

Day 1 was suppose to end with Level 4, but they changed the schedule and are playing one half of Level 5 still tonight. All the Day 1's played 4.5 levels. The rumor is, with so many people starting, they need to make sure they get far enough along to have the field down to a manageable number by Day 3 of play, when the whole field combines.

In my books, we made it to Day 2, but formally, we have to make it through the next hour.

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