Thursday, July 8, 2010

Fifty minutes in and this has been a fun level for me so far. Mike's table is two back from the rail, so i bit hard to watch. Right on the rail is a table with Todd Brunson and that french guy who was on the final table last year or the year before, i forget. Elan somebody. Todd's older sister, Pam, busted out and she came by to see her brother, and he dissed her! Pointed and laughed, She countered with "i hope dad beats you". ESPN was there taping it all - it was funny! Their dad Dolye is still in, playing in the other room.

Then, Norman Chad, the best announcer there is (this guy should have his own cable show) came by, and i got to take a picture with him!

They finally just announced the series totals. 7319 players total, for a prize pool of $68,000,000. The first place winner will take one $8,944,138. Not bad for 9 days work. They will be paying the top 747 players. First pay is $19,000.

There's 57 minutes to go in Level 3. It looks . Looks like we dropped that $2000 we won 20 minutes ago. Oh well - that' poker! We are so fortunate we are able to come here and take a stab at such a cool thing! That's winning enough in my book!

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