Thursday, July 8, 2010

We are back from the dinner break. Level 4 starts in about 5 minutes. For dinner, we walked over to the Gold Coast Casino, across the street from the Rio - what a wonderful idea that turned out to be. It's definitely the thing to do in all future years, too. No lines, no crowds, and the walk was a good break for Mike.

He's feeling surprisingly comfortable. He's starting Level 4 in the yellow, but all it will take is one hand to hit. It has been a really difficult 3 previous levels. In 6 hours of play, he saw only about 5 flops, and did not connect with any of them. Seems he made a lot of good lay downs.

We are estimating they've lost about 15% of the field so far. I certainly hear a lot of all-in/calls. One guy was SOOOOOO excited to win the all-in, he was yelling and hoop-laa-ing and he was so loud, they gave him a time out. Yep, they can do that - if you are too loud, or show too much excitement, they give you a time out! You have to sit out for something like 1/2 level.

For those who are commenting (and you know who you are...) no, spectators cannot get a time out for being loud and i AM using my indoor voice!!!

I'll tweet the next level of play, even though all you folks at home are asleep now....hope you find good news when you awake and check in tomorrow!

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